Shipping / Payment & Terms


Payment Terms:


Currently PayPal is being used for secure online payments. Major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) are accepted with Telephone orders.  Trees will be held in order of those with a secured order until stock is closed out.  Pennsylvania sales tax of 6% will be added to orders shipped within the state of PA.  Check or Money Order can also be mailed in if your order is taken over the phone.  Customers are welcome to call and put together an orchard or whitetail planting with our Biologist. 

Shipping Fees / Tree Size:
























We are commited to checking every individual order to assure viable healthy trees to our high standards.  We guarantee that our apple trees will arrive after shipping in healthy condition ready for planting.  If on arrival, it is not in such condition from shipping activity, securely reseal the original package with the complete order, contact NWC the same day received to re-ship within a couple business days and payment will be refunded.  Any liability shall not be greater than the purchase price.  Once plants are in the care of another individual we express no responsibility for production or problems.  When receiving apple trees, the most important item to remember is to keep your trees in a cool place if possible (outside direct sunlight) and then get them in the ground in a timely manner (typically within the same week).  If trees cannot be planted during the same week the roots should be looked at weekly and water added to the packing material if needed to keep moist. 



We typically work with you on the weak you would like to receive your trees so that it fits into your regions early spring period and your own schedule so trees can have the best potential for their first season.  We ship through the month of April.


Due to the longer height, as opposed to small more typical 24-36" one year trees, larger corrugated boxes (typically 6-ft long) are used for shipping.  Our more vigorous crab varieties, such as 30-06 produce a sapling over 6-foot tall (with or without some branching) in most years and are cut down to ~5-6' for shipping.  Clipping at this height or shorter is ideal to promote lower buds to immediately branch out in the first year.  Other non-crab whitetail varieties and our standard orchard varieties produce a good size tree dependant on specific apple variety (typically ~ 5 to 6 feet including root).  Some varieties may also vary from a nice sturdy wip with a heavy root system to a tree with some structure of branches forming.  The key is a strong fibrous northern grown root system to get your trees off to a quick start.


The picture to the left shows an order of 30-06 Crabapple Trees prior to wrapping and boxing in 2013.