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Northern Whitetail Crab (NWC) was formed to offer sportsmen the opportunity to recieve crabapple and apple trees of exceptional quality with varieities specifically for whitetail deer.  We ship from Northeastern Pennsylvania to the U.S.  At this time we do not ship to Canada.  Currently, we offer several varieties that we historically have propagated on cold hardy rootstock and have been used successfully for taking mature whitetail bucks.  These varieties and our newer releases have been successully proven in both high pressure hunting areas of the Northeast and also the more remote areas of the upper northern states.  We feel our varieties will give sportsmen a long term competitive advantage.


We find that a strong crab or apple variety for whitetails is directly related to apple fruit volume and drop time within specific hunting season time frames.  This of course is in addition to other strong qualities such as tree and rootstock cold hardiness, disease resistance, high whitetail palatability, and low to no maintainance, etc.  In addition to specific drop periods, larger volumes of fruit on maturing trees is the key to holding whitetails to a specific area.  As a result, we propagate our whitetail varieties on cold hardy rootstock that will produce a larger crab/apple tree with additional key attributes.  The smallest of the dwarf rootstocks in comparison (typical of many southern grown trees shipped to the north) may offer a handful of fruit very quickly, however, large fruit volumes will never be reached and a long sound tree life expetancy is typically not found in colder winter districts.  As a result, high densities of apples on larger hardy trees clearly outweighs the added time for larger tree establishment. 


We would like to thank the sportsmen that have established their crab and apple tree food plots through NWC and their continued positive feedback.  We appreciate your interest in our whitetail varieties and hope that we can make a long term advantage in your hunting area. 


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Northern Whitetail Crabs


PA Phone # to text/call.  570-452-4589 - If we are currently working out of the office please allow us sufficient time to return all calls. Email:  sales@NorthernWhitetailCrabs.com









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